Paragon Virtualization Manager 14 gratuit

Virtualization Manager

Pour profiter de cette offre, il faut télécharger le programme ici : Paragon-275-FRE_WinInstallSNU_10.1.21.165_000.msi [35.3 MB].

Une fois installé, vous pouvez utiliser le menu "registration" pour remplir un formulaire afin d'obtenir une licence. Si jamais vous pouvez faire cette demande ici.

Il s'agit ici de la version compact.

Site de l'éditeur

Scenario 1: Use several incompatible operating systems on one computer. You can run Windows, Linux, Mac OS X inside of virtual machine on one host machine.
Scenario 2: Continue using your old PC’s applications – enjoy your favorite applications in a virtual environment on your new computer
Scenario 3: Safely evaluate new software in a safe environment and decide whether it works and is exactly what you need before making it a permanent addition to your collection.
Scenario 4: Make a system bootable on different virtual environment. If you unsuccessfully virtualized your system with a 3rd party tool and it became unbootable, the problem can be resolved with Virtualization Manager.


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