Windows Media Player Dolby Surround II Plugin

Windows Media Player Dolby Surround II Plugin.

Il s'agit d'une extention pour Windows Media Player 9,10,11 afin de pouvoir bien profiter du son 5.1.

Enjoy all your CDs, WMA, MP3 and other streaming audio in 5.1 surround
sound with SRS Labs' Circle Surround II (CSII) Plugin for Windows Media
Player 9 Series. The CSII seamlessly integrates Circle Surround's
powerful controls directly into the Windows Media Player 9 Series,
enabling you to customize the multichannel audio experience on your
PC. CSII also features SRS' advanced TruBass and Dialog Clarity
technologies which transforms mono or stereo sources into stunning 5.1
audio with added bass enhancement and clear vocals. This is must have
technology for any multichannel system. Get yours now and experience
the ultimate in PC audio!

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